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    KliptOut Rules
    These rules are globally administered by the KwazeeDesigns Group of websites, and may vary throughout different sites, KliptOut is a project ran and administered by KwazeeDesigns and so, on behalf of the KwazeeDesigns group of websites KliptOut hereby appoint these rules to KliptOut.co.uk and it's sister urls
    KliptOut have full access to add, edit, remove or duplicate any given rule specified below at any given time on behalf of KwazeeDesigns without warning. It is the user's responsibility to read and abide by the following rules as stated by the Terms of Service which can be found HERE, any result otherwise can resort in and including up to a permanent ban from our servers.

    KwazeeDesigns General Rules
    These rules apply to KwazeeDesigns sites globally and must be followed throughout it's projects or sites.
    1. Flaming / Trolling of any kind is not permitted.
    2. Abuse of any kind is not permitted this includes: verbal, cyber, sexist, racist or any other form.
    3. Swearing is not permitted unless an individual site's rules state otherwise.
    4. Links or a picture to any kind of scamming website is not permitted.
    5. Links or a picture to any kind of pornographic material is not permitted.
    6. Any spam emails to any given support email address's will be ignored.
    7. Posting of personal information i.e. bank account details, your real name can not be held responsible by KwazeeDesigns.
    8. Anything posted in chat rooms / irc can not be deleted by any KwazeeDesigns staff.
    9. KwazeeDesigns staff will NEVER request your login details over any kind of chat programs or email.
    If you believe you have been hacked please inform a member of staff immediately.
    10. These rules are bound by the Terms of Service and they too must be followed.
    11. Staff of KwazeeDesigns have the rights to warn, ban, edit, delete or add any information to a users account with a specified reason
    11a. Users have the right to request the reason for a staff member to warn, ban, edit, delete or add information from their profile.
    11b. If a specified reason is not given, or can not be explained then please contact a higher positioned staff member.
    11c. If you suspect a member of staff is disregarding your account, please contact an Administrator.
    12. Users have the right to add, edit, delete their profile whenever they see fit.
    13. Board Signatures are limited to the following sizes: 150 height x 500 width & 10KB quality.
    14. Site avatars are limited to 150 height x 150 width & unlimited quality.
    15. All Images hosted on this site are copyrighted the rightful owner, any commissions or artwork not created by the user who hosted it should credit the artist rightfully within the description.
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